Arsene Wenger makes us all laugh

Ok so Arsenal screwed up against Boro, twice, it happens. It’s unfortunate, but not the end of the world. Now however Wenger has decided to opt for a new strategy following Saturday’s draw at home to Gareth Southgate’s men. He has decided to kill them with kindness!

Boro have taken four points off the Gunners this season and Wenger said: “If they survive, they will push on to become a dangerous side, perhaps in the top eight. Gareth has been mentioned as a possible England manager and it is possible.” (various)

Now, Middlesbrough fans don’t get me wrong this is not a attack on them per se, but surely the idea of Gareth Southgate becoming a future manager is almost as ridiculous as the last Riverside man to take the England job. Also, are they really a top eight side in the making? I wouldn’t have thought so, yes they tend to up their game against quality opposition but then invariably lose 3-0 to Birmingham. Did anyone see their performance against Cardiff? Boro fans tell me if you think I am way off mark, but are your side really destined to improve?

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