5 players linked to Liverpool for 100m? Over Rafa’s sacked body!

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With the conviction and frequency of some of these rumours you would think that, much like Riise and that huge pay-slip, a list of Rafa’s supposed targets was was scrawled onto a bit of loo roll and left in a local Starbucks by accident. Still, they make for interesting reading so let’s take a look at the players that apparently will be unveiled momentarily at Anfield.

To help cut the guff from the fluff I have introduced a handy marks out of ten thingy that tells you, in my opinion, the likelihood of such a transfer.

Thierry Henry (various) – lets get this straight, this won’t happen in my book. Nice idea but can’t see it. 2/10

David Villa (Telegraph) – maybe not as unlikely as it first seems. Would be perfect fit with Torres, and cost a similar amount, so can’t really see the Yanks pulling out the checkbook again. 5/10

Mahamadou Diarra (various) – I think this was only a possibility before Javier signed up, now this deal doesn’t seem necessary. Good player though 3/10

Ricardo Quaresma (mainly his agent) – lets put this to bed, The Q man isn’t half as good as his one man PR machine rep. My prediction is he will never leave Porto, however hard he tries! -1/10

Lionel Messi (various) – The tiny Argentine makes some remarks about how much he rates English football and hey presto a flood of speculation with about as much credibility as something with very little credibility! -5/10

What have you heard on the grapevine, more importantly is this a reliable grapevine, or just another festering untrustworthy grapevine?

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