Is Ronaldo United’s Best Ever Player?

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From someone who has followed United for as long as I have, it would be a bit foolish for me to claim that Ronaldo is the best player United have ever had.

But as the lad with the ever changing pout passes George Best’s record of goals for a winger with his 32nd and 33rd goals of the season against Bolton, can you think anything else?

Of course you have to consider the different eras with their different styles of play. Of course you have to consider that form is temporary. However, Ronaldo has been on hot goalscoring, not-failling-over-so-much form for nearly two years now which surely shows he is a fantastic player and not just Michael Ricketts.

A quick glance at the all time greats of Manchester United throw up many players: Ryan Giggs, Bill Foulkes, Duncan Edwards, George Best, Dennis Viollet, Mark Hughes. Can Ronaldo be included in that lot just for a recent glut of goals?

This fan likes to think Ronaldo could be United’s best ever, but I’m giving legends the respect they deserve and waiting a few more years before he joins them.

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