Introducing your child’s perfect role model: Mr Cashley Cole

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Avram Grant conveniently forgot about Ashley Cole’s litany of misdeeds when he today proclaimed that Cole – top of most people’s imaginary league table of dastardly bastardy – is actually a good role model for kids.
The Israeli’s basis for such an outlandish statement was that because Cashley apologised to the ref and the player caught up in his rancid tackle storm in midweek – he is showing the kids just how you should act. Apparently apologising is the mature way to approach these events, and it seems to have worked with Mrs Cole.
Ckearly Grant is suffering from that famous illness that blights all top managers – selective amnesia. He’s forgetting about the little meeting that Cole and his agent had with top ranking Chelsea people, he’s not thinking about Cole’s bitter biography where he reveals his spoilt brat lifestyle, and he is forgetting the rancid tackle on Wednesday.
Ashley Cole, the worlds most craptastic role model for kids.

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