Juande Ramos needs to work on his rants…

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Juande Ramos may have done a good job turning the creaking Tottenham ship around with his fancy continental fitness regimes – witness tub o’ lard Tom Huddlestone, he now looks like a stick insect – but he hasn’t really issued any juicy soundbites….yet.
Juande is clearly just warming up with this effort against Dimitar Berbatov’s sh*t stirring, bottom feeding, scummer of an agent, Emile Dantchev who is angling for a Berbatov move with practically every breath he takes. Juande said:

‘It is the obligation of the agent to try to sell their player so they can get paid as much as possible.

‘Berbatov is a great player and it is normal that clubs are interested in him. It is normal that an agent tries to do business in the transfer market.

‘But Tottenham are very happy to have him and he is very happy here.’

The disappointing thing about this rant is it barely qualifies as one, I don’t even support Spurs and I have more fire in my belly than Ramos about this situation. Grow a pair Ramos – and whilst I’m at it stop wearing those terrible white trainers!

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