Sir Alex: Chelsea should stop mobbing refs!

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It appears that Sir Alex has no shame, nor has he ever been introduced to the word “hypocrite” either. Yesterday the Lord of the Ferg issued his daily teatime rant, and the latest subject of his wrath is Chelsea, and the fact that Avram Grant’s players mob the ref whenever a decision doesn’t go their way.
Ruddy faced Ferg lashed out at Chelsea, telling The Sun:

“We see it as an issue. Haranguing referees is absolutely ridiculous.

“Since the situation with Andy D’Urso some years ago, we’ve not done anything like that.

“That was a pivotal moment for us. I went off my head with them about that. I thought it was ridiculous and it never happened again.”

So is Ferg right to stick his oar in with something involving another club?

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