Chelsea players ignore their stupid fickle fans

Football fans are generally a fickle bunch. Every club has many supporters who will boo a player at a merest hint of a misplaced pass and then cheer them from the rafters when they score the winning goal for their club. Chelsea’s fanbase is no different and, while it would be wrong to tar them all with the same brush, some of their fans reached new obnoxious heights on Sunday.

It appears the London derby brings out the very worst in Arsenal and Chelsea fans, with The Guardian reporting that the latter gave not only former player William Gallas a hard time during Sunday’s match, but also their manager was villified for having the audacity to make a couple of substitutions! Didier Drogba all finds it a bit too much:

“William gave a lot to Chelsea, he won two titles with us and the minimum the fans can give him is a bit more respect,” said Drogba.

Respect? Clearly not a word that many ‘supporters’ at Stamford Bridge are familiar with.

Frank Lampard also takes umbrage with the stupidity of some supporters, who get behind their team by chanting the name of their former manager. Nice one guys.

“The fans are emotional, so they call it as they see it but we’re there trying to get results and [the chant against Grant] is a side issue. You hear it but you don’t take it in because it doesn’t matter. If you started thinking about it and dwelling on it, you wouldn’t be doing your job, so the players just responded on the pitch.”

There are surely some genuine Chelsea fans out there who must be embarrassed by the behaviour of their supporters. Can you imagine the United or Arsenal fans giving their gaffer a hard time because he’s tried to change things on the pitch?

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