Poor Arsenal star’s only friend is a little boy

I think it would be apt to describe William Gallas as eccentric or at least a little crazy. He sure can defend and he seems to handle captaincy well, when he’s not laying into teammates or crying on the sidelines because of a last minute penalty. His latest comments are really quite genuinely sad.

Asked by a French newspaper who his mates were at Arsenal, Gallas said: “Mates? Well, they are more like acquaintances. At Arsenal there is Theo Walcott but he is very young. (various)

This is a little tragic, why does he not have actual friends at the club? After 18 months you would have thought he would have fitted in to the club. Could his unhappiness end up making him want to leave? In all seriousness it’s like anyone who has had a job and just not got on with their fellow employees, but in other jobs have bonded well with colleagues. Maybe all the Arsenal lads could go round to his and invite him for a beer on the Blackstock Road or Upper Street? Maybe then he would seem a little less crazy?

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