Rangers Make Sporting Gesture With Free UEFA Tickets

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Glasgow Rangers have decided to buck the Premiership trend and recognise their loyal supporters at a cost.

Rather than charge them £40 a ticket, Rangers are rewarding fans travelling to Lisbon to support their fight against Sporting. They have bought up all their allocation and will offer out 2,500 free tickets for the 10th of April match.

This comes as Rangers chairman Sir David Murray also announces a freeze on season tickets and a drop on juvenile season tickets.

In a move that could be seen as drumming up an away atmosphere in an intimidating Estádio José de Alvalade, Chief executive Martin Bain dismissed this, claiming:

This gesture is a big thank you to our supporters who have shown extraordinary commitment this season.

The cost of being a football fan, particularly those following clubs competing for honours, is high and – where we can – we want to take the opportunity to acknowledge the commitment by our fans.

Perhaps a message that the Premiership needs to hear?