Capello receives Rooney praise – Final

New England manager Fabio Capello is rceiving all sorts of praise from his squad of players, which can only mean one thing, International week is amongst us once again. The Manchester United and England striker, desperate to not let his lack of (or non-existence of) club goals recently effect his England chances, has hailed the Italian’s training methods and passion for the game.

Rooney has also had kind words for the impact Capello has made instantly upon the players, whilst insisting he is the right man for the job and capable of leading the nation to glory for the first time in fourty-two years.

“He’s brilliant. You can see he’s strong-minded and wants to win every game.

“In training if you’re not doing it right he’ll step in and tell you and try to help you improve. He’s passionate, really passionate about winning, so I think he’s a good man.

“It’s exactly what England need at this moment and with a bit more work between him and the players we can go forward as a team.

“When we first met him he got his point across straight away about what he expected from us.

“We’ve reflected on the videos of previous games and he opened our eyes on a few things.

“He’s helped us a lot and pointed things out on the video about what we’re doing wrong but what we’re doing right as well.

“He’s come in and stamped his authority. I’m absolutely convinced he’ll be good for the future. He will be a really good manager for us.

“Playing for Sir Alex and Fabio Capello is brilliant. Hopefully I can add some more trophies to their CVs and also start adding to my own collection.”

The Sun claims that Rooney also said he is looking forward to coming up against his United-counterpart Patrice Evra in tonight’s clash with the French. Revealing he has been brave enough to tell Capello where he wants to be played. Oh Wayne, you were doing so well.

“I’ve been telling Patrice I’ve been asking to go wide right so I can play against him!” he told The Sun.

“Obviously there’s been a bit of banter and the lads want to do well when you play against each other.

“For those 90 minutes you won’t be team-mates any more, you’ll be playing for different sides and wanting to win and do well. It will be a difficult game because France are one of the best teams in the world. It will be a big test for everyone involved.

“France have got a brilliant team with a mixture of young and experienced players.

“The young players coming through for them have done well and it will be a big game with a big atmosphere. I’m sure they’ll make it difficult for us.”

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