Moyes will treat the Premier League’s youngest goalscorer with kid gloves

David Moyes has announced that he is going to tread very carefully with the rehabilitation of starlet James Vaughan, after the youngster successfully got through his knee operation by world famous knee-meister Dr Richard Steadman. Vaughan has been through a host of crippling injuries, a few seasons ago he knackered his knee so badly that he was forced out for the whole season, and he can add to that a series of gruesome blood curdling injuries including severing an artery in his leg and leaving with a claret soaked sock and a boot full of blood as well as managing to dislocate his shoulder. Moyesie said of his young prodigy:

“He is quite a tough boy mentally but this hasn’t been a bad knee operation,” said Moyes. “It’s just been a little procedure to cure his cartilage.

“Because of his history, he’s going to have a bit longer time to recover. Let’s be fair, with only six weeks of the season to go, it would have been quite tight for him to get back anyway.

“But we need to make sure that we look after him correctly. I have always known that will be the case. I said a couple of years ago when he had that first injury, we needed to watch him.

Although he’s considered loaning Vaughan out in the past Moyes reckons that the best place for him to recover is under the protective arm of the Everton coaching staff – Vaughan has missed a lot of his development with his injury prone cripplings, and it would be a true shame if he didn’t progress along the glorious trajectory that had been predicted for him.

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