We thought Birmingham’s Taylor apologised to Arsenal’s Eduardo? Apparently not!

This one is a little confusing. I have read in various papers and websites that all was fine between the Cro-zillian and Martin Taylor and that an apology had come from the defender, is this not the case? I’m confused…again!

Arsenal’s Eduardo says he has yet to receive an apology from Birmingham’s Martin Taylor (Daily Mirror)

Martin Taylor visited the striker in hospital but Eduardo was sedated so maybe he forgot all about it? It’s almost like a bad romantic comedy with Kevin Costner and Meg Ryan. I can see it now, Kevin hits Meg with his car, she goes into a coma, Costner visits her for, let’s say, 5 years every day and every night (his work suffers, maybe he is a cop with a drinking problem) and then she finally wakes up but on that very day Kevin Costner gets hit by a car and goes into a coma…. (this film idea has been copyrighted so hands off!)

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