Chelsea consider swapping £12m for past-it Brazilian

The Sun is whooping and hollering about the fact that Chelsea are set to blow £12m of Abramovich’s endless dosh mountain on lascivious party boy Ronaldinho. The fact that Barca are now seemingly willing to flog their former prize asset for a tiny £12m should be raising all sorts of alarm bells for the Stamford Bridge outlet but they seem to be unaware that Ronaldinho is the Lindsay Lohan of football…Except he’s ugly, and he actually had talent once…Ok, I admit it, that comparison was crap.
Anyway, apparently Barca are

“fed up with the Brazilian’s erratic lifestyle and poor form this term.”

Quite how Chelsea’s Avram Grant will get Ronaldinho back to his best is beyond me, but it could be a laugh to see the buck toothed goon fumbling around in the Premier League in vain search of his talent.

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