Manchester United save Indiana Jones from (temple of) doom

You know how it is. One minute you’re riding on an elephant in Sri Lanka, shooting your latest Hollywood blockbuster. Next thing, you alight from the beast, only to find your back is playing up. The next morning, your back problem has become chronic, so who you gonna call?

For Harrison Ford in 1984, it was no laughing matter, with Yahoo reporting that the actor tried to seek help from Harley Street doctors in London but to no avail. The future of the Indiana Jones franchise lay in the balance, what could be done:

Ford says, “I couldn’t find anyone to treat me in London, Harley Street doctors were afraid of the liability issues. I finally got the Manchester United team doctor to treat me.

“They had to strap me to a trolley with a bottle of nitrous oxide. I had to be carried feet first down the narrow, twisting stairs and was taken by ambulance to Manchester to see the doctor.”

From the Temple of Doom to the Theatre of Dreams! There must have been a sharp contrast between the sweltering heat of Sri Lanka and the rainy climes of Manchester, not to mention the grub. Presumably baby snakes, monkey brains and eyeball soup were replaced by pie and peas – this was before the days of nutritionists!

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