Arsenal manager has fun with Premier leaders

Yesterday, we reported that Manchester United were responsible for mending Harrison Ford’s back during the filming of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. However, Premier League rivals Arsenal can now claim that they helped improve Anglo-French relations after Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy headed to the Emirates Stadium for a kickabout and a chinwag with Arsene Wenger.

The official Arsenal website report that an enjoyable few hours passed between the three men, with the Gunners manager especially impressed with regard to Brown’s football knowledge. Unlike Tony Blair, he does actually seem to be interested in what’s going on.

“It is a very proud day for us,” said Wenger afterwards. “It shows that having a wonderful stadium like ours can be a big promotion for the Club. It is as well a big honour to be chosen by Gordon Brown to host this summit. For me it is a symbol of the union of France and England.”

When the three men did get a chance to talk, there was only one topic of conversation. And, it appears the Prime Minister was something an expert.

“We talked about sport and about football,” said Wenger. “I feel football can show European countries the way the world of tomorrow will be.

“And Gordon Brown knows his football very well. He is a Raith Rovers fan. He knows all the details of what is going on in the English game so that was very impressive.”

Sadly, the two leaders seemed uneager to kick the ball around on the hallowed Emirates pitch, with Sarkozy attempting only a nonchalant flick, reminiscent of Eric Cantona in his heyday. Politicians associating themselves with football has occurred regularly over the years, with Tony Blair famously having a game of head tennis with Kevin Keegan.

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