Rafa Benitez rules Stalag Anfield with a fist of steel

It looks like Rafa’s cold hard exterior is only matched by his cold hard interior — with Liverpool fullback Alvaro Arbeloa blabbing to the press about Rafa’s harsh and inhumane training methods at the Merseysiders’ prison camp training ground. Now we know why Rafa has been sporting that chin hair arrangement, he is trying to soften his face up and carve out an image of being as benign and cuddly as the intro to the Gummi Bears cartoon.
However, all the chin fluff in the world cannot disguise the Stalinist-steel in Rafa’s eyes, over to you Mr Arbeloa:

‘I didn’t know where I was in my first week with Liverpool, it went badly, and the image I remember from those early days is of the manager criticising everything I did, from the way I did some basketball practice to how I played my football.

‘My first fortnight at the club was inhumane, but I am grateful to him now for filling me in on how the team works. It is a well-run club and I found it easy to adapt to their way of working.

‘People say the manager is grumpy but I have only seen that once. He is serious-minded, though, and I can assure you nobody enjoys themselves during the training sessions. There is a great seriousness about them because that is where we go to work.’

A few points:
1)”Basketball practice”? Ri-i-ght. What is the point in that? Whatever side gets Crouch will wipe the floor with the oppo!
2) He calls his first 2 weeks “inhumane” – Jesus wept this man is a wuss.
3) Rafa is occasionally grumpy, but most of the time he’s just plain serious, what a boring git!

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