Will Rooney be a able to handle captaining England?

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It looks like England manager Fabio Capello is going to continue his spin the bottle method of deciding proud England’s next football captain – and the bottle is pointing towards a young Wayne Rooney. This move will either be a stroke of genius, with Roon gladly taking on the responsibility of being captain and shrugging off his gobby youth – or it will go down like a turd in a swimming pool with Rooney coping about as well as Grange Hill’s Zammo at an Harvard entrance exam. This will be a real test for Rooney as England’s opponents will be the United States – a country that doesn’t really know the meaning of friendly, and is desperate to show the European’s that they are a proper footballing country and not a craptastic footballing backwater.
The Daily Mail reckons that on top of the seismic decision to let lunatic Roon follow in the footsteps of dozy Rio and take over the asylum, Fabio is also considering adding some classic English beef to the strikeforce – namely burly goal-getter Dean Ashton – Roon and Ashton up front – the classic blunderbuss strikeforce!

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