Sunderland boss turns on Sir Alex

Sunderland gaffer Roy Keane has gone all Luke Skywalker on his former boss Sir Alex Ferguson by unleashing a molten rant on all the hypocrites in football – and if you read between the lines and pick through the charred wreckage of Keane’s diatribe there is a pointed reference to his former boss:

“You hear other managers, and I am talking big managers, talking about respecting referees, but the same managers have been sent off for foul and abusive language. Makes me sick some of them.”

One of the most startling things about Keane’s rant is that he says he has now turned over a new leaf since becoming a reformed person since becoming a manager. This whiter-than-white Keane claims that:

“If you rant and rave on the sideline it doesn’t reflect well on the team. It doesn’t mean to say I don’t appeal decisions but I’ve not sworn at or abused any officials since I got the job.

“Give it another 10 years and maybe that will change but that’s something I don’t want to do.”

It looks like the former glass chewing, imposing midfielder has eschewed the wild life and is on the straight and narrow!

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