Spurs, Man City, Newcastle, Everton who is bigger and does it matter!

There seems to be a growing bitterness between the supposed ‘lesser’ sides about just who is better than who. This is a common argument on message boards and websites where fans of each club attempts to win the fight by listing the array of silverware won by their respective clubs.

This is clearly an age old phenomenon that has been exacerbated by the Champions League era where a monopoly seems to claim all the bragging rights and the rest of the bunch fight for scraps. This would obviously include the likes of Man City, Everton, Aston Villa, Spurs and Newcastle, all large clubs short on tangible success in recent years.

My advice to all those who get involved in such conversations is to simply befriend you fellow fan and unite against all that is evil in this world! But seriously there seems little to gain from such in fighting. I am all for humorous banter and gentle ribbing but when it turns into “you haven’t won anything for x amount of years” or “We had 35,000 even when we were in the bottom three” the blue touch paper is invariably then lit on a whole host of cantankerous dialogue.

Yes there are many ‘sleeping giants’ (what a horrible cliché!) in the top tier and many sides who feel that they should be higher up the chain than they are but face it, there are only a finite number of prizes on offer and it seems that the big trophies and even the top finishes are reserved right now for those who can really put their money where there mouth is. This is a sad state of affairs but money really does seem to dictate everything in the game right now.

It will take a super human effort by any of the sides in question to make a dent in the top four lottery so maybe all those outside the top four should show a united front against the common enemy. Maybe these so called ‘smaller’ teams can even help their fellow man by handing Everton some points as they attempt to beat rivals Liverpool to that all elusive fourth place?

Before anyone asks “no I don’t support any of the top four or indeed any of the sides mentioned, I am just an ambassador of peace on a mission to calm those in need of calming.

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