Everton are the ‘gobbiest’ team this week – anyone surprised?

This weekend The Sun issued their “Shut It” campaign, which was apparently designed to shut mouthy players up – but clearly the foul outbursts of the players are so ingrained into the game that it will take more than a limp effort by The Sun to turn things around. Everybodies favourite red top launched a forensic investigation into the worst culprits, listing exactly what they said here, whilst in another article The Sun crown the ‘gobbiest’ team of the week. Quite unsurprisingly it was Everton, on the receiving end of a damaging Merseyside derby loss, that should be washing their mouths out with soap – here’s a little taster; with Yakubu dropping the f-bomb twice in one very short sentence:

“F***ing shut it, f*** that.”

said the Nigerian hitman. Are the Toffees really the purveyors of the foulest outbursts in the Prem, or were they so lippy because it was a Merseyside derby?

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