Wenger ready for Liverpool extravaganza

Arsenal, having just beat Bolton 3-2 in a last minute dash, now must come to terms with facing Liverpool three times in the space of ten days. Arsenal face Liverpool next week in the Champions League Quarter Finals, then the League, then the 2nd leg of the Champions League. Arsene Wenger is ready though, and defeat will not be an option for his young men.

Wenger said:

“Of course we would like to win the home game on Wednesday, but 0-0 is never a disappointing result in the first leg,” explained Wenger.

“We have seen many times that it puts the other team under huge pressure in the second game because they are in two minds. They don’t really know whether to go for it or to sit back and wait – it gives you every chance.

“But it is true that Liverpool have 12 men at Anfield. Their crowd have played a big part in their European success, they have turned so many games because the rules are different in Europe.

“In this sort of game between two English teams, I feel mental strength will be the deciding factor. This will be a test of character, who wants it more.”

Arsenal FC are the better side. Arsenal have the better manager. But will Rafa fluke out another Champions League run? We will have to see.

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