Avram Grant isn’t fit to wipe Mourinho’s rear end

Try and brush aside the fact that he now aspires to be a monk, and have a look at ex-Chelsea striker Mateja Kezman’s comments about Avram Grant. Kezman is still in contact with some of the Stamford Bridge players and claims that the word on the street is that things are much worse under Grant than they ever were under the Special One (no surprises there). Kezman said:

“The manager that they have now does not have Mourinho’s qualities. When Mourinho was there, Chelsea was like a machine. Everything ran like clockwork.

“Now, talking to old friends at the club, I understand it’s not so good. There are rows on the training pitch, the kind of problems that never would have happened when Mourinho was in charge. Chelsea are still a strong team. Just look at their position in the league. But it is a good time to play them.”

In all probability Kezman is doing all this to rile up his Stamford Bridge counterparts when his new side, Fenerbache, set to face them in the Champions League this week. Sorry Mateja, unless Avram tries his “4-4-1” routine again, your boys don’t have a hope.

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