Bitchy Liverpool owners continue their catfight

It looks like the bitchy backstabbing is only going to get worse at Liverpool. With the Merseyside giants on a glorious run of form, things at the very summit of Liverpool FC are looking surprisingly ropey – with the Guardian alleging that owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks refusing to even sit next to each other like a couple of bickering schoolboys.
Guardian journo and specialist in Scouse affairs, Andy Hunter reckons that:

“Hicks is understood to have taken half Liverpool’s allocation of 20 seats for the directors’ box, and Gillett, who on Friday claimed his business partner was entirely responsible for the criticism directed at their regime, has requested four. However, the two men are not prepared to sit together and present a show of unity that does not exist.”

With Hicks and Gillett clearly not BFFs anymore surely the stage is set for DIC to barge in with all guns blazing. Then again, who is to say that the Dubai men will be anymore likeable?

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