Why attack Spurs for no reason at all?

Can someone explain why the Sunderland boss, and one time Manchester United legend, Roy Keane has decide launch a fairly mindless swipe at Spurs? It’s not like it’s a pre-match verbal volley to spark up a fight of a contest!

Sunderland boss Roy Keane has told Tottenham striker Robbie Keane he must move to a Champions League club to prove he’s world class.
“Robbie is a very, very talented player, but world class players are those who have done it on the biggest stage, the Champions League is a higher level of football than international football and if these lads aren’t playing, then they’re not playing at the highest stage.
“It’s not an insult to these players, but the top players are in the Champions League every season, influencing games and we don’t have that.
“I would have thought (Keane could play in Champions League) but I don’t see Tottenham getting into that.” (various)

Whilst the points that Roy makes are in some ways partly valid, the question is why is he making them? I guess any manager could question the motivation for a number of players lining up for Sunderland are they just doing so in the pursuit of using the Black Cats as a stepping stone to a club with aspirations beyond a relegation fight?

I think it is churlish to state that you only become a world class player if you play for a Champions League club. I guess that means Kenwyne Jones shouldn’t really bother lining up at the Stadium of light, if he really wants to make it big he really should move to Liverpool?

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