Anything Arsenal can do at the San Siro they can DEFINITELY do at Anfield

Its a pretty simple and effective argument : Arsenal did a number on AC Milan at the San Siro, so what’s to stop them from beating Liverpool at Anfield?
Big Willy Gallas seems to think that the going is going to be tough – and may possibly be even worse than it was against European geriatrics AC Milan. Gallas said:

‘We have to do that again, maybe more,’ said Gallas. ‘It will be different because AC Milan don’t play the same style of football as Liverpool.

‘We played at a very high tempo against Milan but against Liverpool it will be difficult because they play a game like this every weekend. They will be ready.

‘We have been good all season and if we win at Anfield it will be excellent because getting to the Champions League semi-finals would be better than last season.’

The one thing Arsenal surely have to do is attack, they are not built for defending, and only his their true high notes when romping forwards…

Watch Liverpool live online

Watch Arsenal live online

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