Gormless Ledley King’s gammy knee keeps him out, but luckily Spurs’ season is already over

Tottenham’s injury prone defender Ledley King will sit out the rest of the season after realising that Tottenham are just going through the motions, and any playing time might exacerbate his already dodgy knee. ‘Ledders’ hopes that this layoff will give him the impetus to start next season off on the right note – either that or he’ll just bugger up his gammy knee again next year. King himself said:

“My knee is actually feeling good at the moment and there is no inflammation.
“But we have to look at the bigger picture and accept that this is an ideal point in time to recover further, get the best advice and make sure that I come back fitter. They are six games I could well have taken part in, but we all believe this is worth doing for the longer-term benefit.”

With Woogate and King at the back are the Spurs defence turning into a band of Douglas Bader impersonators?

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