Liverpool midfielder admits he was a pillock for getting sent off.

Javier Mascherano has admitted that his match-changing sending off at Old Trafford was entirely his fault and that he acted like a prize pillock. The Argie scuttled out of his Anfield bolt-hole to admit to his idiocy – Mascherano said (in a Daily Mail ‘exclusive’) :

‘I apologise to everyone. I made a mistake and I regret this mistake. It was my fault.

‘I am not a dirty player, I do not make a habit of showing disrespect towards referees, I don’t like this and I can only think the high intensity of the fixture, against Manchester United, affected my behaviour that day. It was out of character but I do not use that as an excuse.’

So is there anyone out there that still reckons he shouldn’t have been sent off now that even Javier himself admits his mistake?

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