Crazed Toon players wanted to beat each other up!

Toon boss Kevin Keegan has come out and revealed just how low morale had sunk when he rode in to save them. Apparently in training sessions the players set out to hurt each other; Keegan said:

“When I first came here I thought a couple of them wanted to hurt each other in training. I had to stop it sometimes and say, β€˜Hey, you know, while I want the training to be realistic, you should not want to hurt each other because you might need that guy, you want to play with that guy on Saturday.'”

A pretty shocking state of affairs to say the least, and you can’tt help feeling sorry for Kev, what with the press savaging he was being doled out on a daily basis combined with the fact that his team were so devoid of self respect that they started trying to damage each other!

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