Just how annoying is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Sir Alex Ferguson has stepped up to defend his footballing twinkle toes – saying that Roma’s claims that the Portuguese is a rampant showboat and a disrespectful opponent are crapper than an old dog’s arse.
The Lord of the Ferg said:

“The most important message Cristiano is giving out is that he is a great player who is not afraid to take the ball and beat a man.

“That is what he is saying in whatever fashion he does it. He has ability and expression in his play and we encourage that with all the players.

“In this modern day it’s a breath of fresh air and he will not be afraid to do it.

“That is what people pay to see. Perhaps it annoys opponents he is prepared to take the ball to them.”

Ferg also claimed that Ronaldo will not be kicked out of the second leg of the Champions League encounter at Old Trafford. So just how annoying is Ronaldo?

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