Just how rubbish will Cardiff’s FA Cup song be? What about Portsmouth’s?

Unlike Afonso Alves’ brilliant effort yesterday, it’s been ages since we had a decent FA Cup song. Obviously, the best one ever to grace the charts was the ‘Anfield Rap’, courtesy of Liverpool, although Manchester United’s ‘Come On You Reds’ was half-decent. Apart from that, they all fade into obscurity, although Three Lions was a decent hit in 1996 for the England team and so was World in Motion in 1990.

Can Cardiff City put together something memorable ahead of the FA Cup Final this season? Probably not, although icWales have reported that James Fox, lifelong fan and Broadway ‘star’, has put together ‘Bluebirds Flying High’ for the Championship team.

“It did cross my mind at Chasetown in the third round that we might need the traditional FA Cup song if we went all the way to Wembley,” said 32-year-old Fox, who represented the UK in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.

“But as soon as we beat Middlesbrough in the last eight, I decided to write and record it.

“It’s a real honour as a fan to be able to do this for City.”

Here at COS, we have just one thing to say. Portsmouth, where’s your song? Portsmouth, Portsmouth, where’s your song?

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