Newcastle boss lines up £20m record bid to climb back into the big time!

I am glad Kevin Keegan is back in the game, I have missed him and in particular brand of infectious interview banter. However I fear that he may be getting a little carried away. He wants to bring former Arsenal legend Thierry Henry back to the Premier League!

The Newcastle United boss admits he wants to shake up the summer market. “I’d like to do what we did last time and surprise people. It would be nice to break a world record,” he told Radio Newcastle. “Why rule it out? I’d like to bring players here that amaze people and we stop just talking about being a big club – but, with our actions, we show that we are. Sometimes people limit themselves by saying ‘we can’t do that’. You say ‘why not?’ and they don’t give you an answer.

“I would like to fetch Thierry Henry back to England,” Keegan continued. “He’s the best player I’ve seen in the Premiership. When you’re pitch-side, what I’ve seen him do to good players has been incredible. Sometimes you can take advantage of a situation and get what I call lucky.”

So there you have it, after Alan Shearer comes Thierry Henry, could it happen? What do the Geordie fans think?

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