Arsenal fans look away! Surely Cesc didn’t really say this!

Last night’s defeat was a painful one for Arsenal fans to take, but if they read on they may find other reasons to reach for their collective revolvers! If Fabregas really said these things then I just don’t know why he would do so!

“I’ve got no thoughts of leaving Arsenal right now – I love their style, I love London and the coach puts his faith in me.

“But, in general, I have four dream teams – Arsenal is obviously one but also I’d count Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid.”
When challenged about every contemplating a move to Manchester United Cesc said: “You can never say never in football because your professional life is full of unexpected changes and surprises, but, I’d have to say, I would try to avoid such a situation.” (Marca)

I know that conversations can be taken out of context but this is just beyond belief! What do Arsenal fans make of these comments?

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