Spurs or Newcastle United: Who has the most deluded fans?

There seems to be a campaign of hatred being meated out between just about every side in the premier league, be it those chasing the title arguing amongst themselves about who has the greater history and who has the more deserved credentials to call themselves the biggest team in the country.

Then there are those battling below the top three or four who feel that their time will come and that they will soon achieve greatness. Teams who are indeed large in stature and have a massive following but just don’t seem to win trophies very often.

Tottenham and Newcastle seem to be two sides well and truly at each others necks looking to win the battle and prove who is the stronger. Yes Newcastle won at White Hart Lane but Spurs fans would just point out to Toon Army supporters who is higher in the table and indeed has been for a few seasons now. The Magpies will then point out that they have 50 thousand plus fans come rain or shine!

It seems that everyone likes a good verbal scrap but in your view whose fans are the most deluded. Which teams fans seem to have a higher than normal percentage of supporters living in cloud cuckoo land? Which team has the most fans living on past glories, thinking that they are just ripe for a comeback?

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