Arsenal – Flamini + Old Trafford = Disaster?

Arsenal’s influential French midfielder Mathieu Flamini could be out for the latest in a long line of ultra important games for the North London club. Flamini limped out of Arsenal’s Anfield jamboree and now he is a serious doubt for the Man Utd Premier League punchup at Old Trafford.
Without Flamini, Arsenal will have to rely on Brazilian midfielder Gilberto, who just so happened to offer up a tailor made quote for this slightly short, and very craptastic piece. Gilberto said:

“We cannot lose our belief now – let’s not forget we played a very good game at Anfield.

“Sometimes you learn more through the pain of defeat, although nobody likes losing the chance of making a Champions League final.

“And if there is a lesson, it must be that we have to concentrate to the very end.”

And in an utterly random and off piste point, have you ever realized how all Brazilian’s have cool names, but remove the vowel from their name and they turn into a motley crew of wierdo’s: Gilbert, Ronald, Dung, Edmund, the list goes on and on.

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