Prediction for Chelsea: Grant out & countless cash guzzling signings in!

Avram Grant may well be mournfully trudging away from Chelsea this summer but that doesn’t stop the transfer rumour mongers, they are still pedalling their wares, bellowing like ancient tradesmen of old.
“Villa, Villa, who wants some David Villa?? Cheap at half the price!” booms The Sun, who reckon that the fact that they could be sans gaffer pretty soon shouldn’t affect their dosh splurging ways. Chelsea’s Chairman Brucie Buck refused to entangle himself when one of those tricky press boys asked him one of those nasty yes or no questions relating to Avram Grant. Buck said:

“I think it is a yes or no question and I am not going to give you a yes or no answer.

“Avram has a multi-year contract and he’s our manager. Having said that, every manager, at every club, is judged by results.”

As for The Sun, they have it on good authority that:

“contact has already been made with the 26-year-old’s representative, who confirmed Villa’s desire to play in the Premier League.”

Looks like Nic Anelka’s strike partner is sorted then!

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