Has Everton’s manager just conceded 4th place to Liverpool?

Everton go into tomorrow’s game away to Birmingham on 60 points, within grabbing distance of their highest ever Premier League total of 61. And yet everyone at Goodison seems muted, indeed, the shoe-gazing fatalism has even gripped the Moyesiah himself. Normally a manager within touching distance (in this case 3 points) of his quarry would be talking up his team’s chances – look at Arsene Wenger’s heady optimism for gawds sake – but Moyes seems muted saying that Liverpool hold the advantage.
In diplomatic manager-speak what follows is tantamount to surrender, with Moyes claiming that Liverpool’s Champions League run gives them even more of a boost:

“Sometimes those games can be good — look at us in the UEFA Cup.

“It keeps your challenge going, your mind active, so I don’t think it’ll hamper them — maybe the reverse.

“We are three points behind Liverpool.

“We know we have a bit of catching up to do. But it’s a healthy position to be in.

“We’re on 60 points, the most we’ve had in the Premier League is 61, so from that point of view I’m pleased.” (The Sun)

Is this how Everton’s best ever Premier League season will end? With a wimper?…

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Watch Everton live online

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