Liverpool manager staying out of boardroom squabble

And who can blame him? All season long, Rafael Benitez has insisted he simply wants to focus what’s happening on the field of play and not what shenanigans are taking place between messrs Hicks and Gillett as they struggle for power over the Merseyside club. The Daily Mirror reports that the chubby Spaniard is refusing to be drawn into commenting on the latest state of play at Anfield, in a week where his team’s Champions League efforts should be sticking out like a sore thumb.

Asked to elaborate on the crisis which has gripped the Anfield club in the past 48 hours, Benitez had to evade giving a straight answer.

He said: “I understand why you have to ask me the question, but as I have told the players, we must be focused on football.”

“We have an important game on Sunday and we have to concentrate on that.”

However, in fairness to Benitez, considering that Rick Parry only found out that Hicks wanted him out on Sky Sports, it’s doubtful that he knows much more than the rest of us. It appears that Liverpool’s grey cloud of a season might have a silver lining if they can land themselves in a third Champions League final in the past four seasons. Nevertheless, the power struggle at Anfield has a good deal of mileage left yet.

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