Rafa to do a runner? Liverpool fans should hope so!

The Daily Mail reckons that Rafa B is set for a shock exit from Liverpool in the midst of all the bitchy trans-Atlantic backstabbing. Rafa is apparently furious over Rick Parry’s involvement with all that nasty Jurgen Klinsmann business, and is – according to the Daily Mail, so take this with a pinch of salt – ready to consider his own future. Quite how Rick Parry thinks that he is going to survive demands for his resignation from not only one of the two owners of the club, Tom Hicks, but also now from Rafa B, is beyond me – and we’ll leave it to the slavering salacious gossipmongers at the Mail to fill in the gaps. According to them Rafa B said:

‘I was surprised to read about some meeting with another manager. More to the point, I was surprised by who was apparently at that meeting.

‘I want answers. I feel my situation is being undermined by it, and that is why I want some clarification. I need to speak to members of the board. All of them. I don’t know when. Could it be a matter of days? It could be hours.’

And under fire owner Tom Hicks is also a tad riled up by Parry and his holier than thou attitude, and claims that Hicks’ attitude was ‘offensive’ saying:

‘I did not hear him say it was offensive when George Gillett gave his radio interview telling the world our relationship had become unbearable. I did not hear Gillett or Parry say they were the ones who set up the Klinsmann meeting, yet both were there, along with Foster Gillett, myself and my son. Rick allowed all the controversy to build up without taking any responsibility.’

All the malarkey should destabilise the club, but for some reason, the more messiness that goes on in the boardroom, the better Liverpool do on the pitch. At this rate Liverpool should hope for a permanent ugly revolution of bickering suits, who knows, if Rafa B leaves they may even improve!

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