Bruce reveals Manchester United manager is a smooth (telephone) operator

It’s clear that when Wigan are playing one of Manchester United’s title rivals, Steve Bruce can expect the phone to start ringing and hear a Glaswegian voice on the other end of the line. I wonder what Sir Alex Ferguson has been saying to the Latics manager which has meant Arsenal and Chelsea have dropped points against Athletic in the past few weeks?

The former Red Devils captain reveals through the United website that his former gaffer only calls when it suits him, not what we’d call a real friend here at COS.

“Sir Alex phoned me twice before the game and twice before Arsenal. He hasn’t phoned me any other time during the season. Four times!” said former United defender Bruce. “I have had a few calls from friends in Manchester but I am more pleased for us getting a point. The United players will be pleased but they know it’s not over yet.”

It may not be mathematically over but someone at the Premier League is currently tying red and white ribbons on the handle of the trophy again, that’s for sure. What do you think Fergie says to Bruce on these occasions? Does he provide him with a few tips on how to nullify United’s title rivals. Perhaps he sings a little serenade down the phone “Brucie, do you remember me?” or “I wonder why, Steve’s the greatest gaffer”.

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