Ex-Chelsea manager was ‘victim of own success’ and belittles Manchester United and Arsenal counterparts

Sir Alex Ferguson takes the right approach when it comes to dealing with Jose Mourinho. The Scot readily admits that the former Chelsea manager was a breath of fresh air in the Premier League but also humours him in the same way a parent laughs at their child as they hang upside down on the monkey bars.

The Daily Mail report that Jose Mourinho has got bored of thumb-twiddling and not seeing himself in the papers, sat down for a few hours and thought of some ‘outrageous’ comments which should make the headlines. Does anyone detect that the loveable man from Portugal is still a touch bitter about his treatment from Chelsea. The poor lamb:

“Do they know that the percentage of wins by Arsene Wenger in the English league is 50 per cent? And that Alex Ferguson, in the same number of games, barely managed to achieve three points in half of them?

“And my Chelsea beat those numbers completely, reaching well over 70 league wins, winning two championships in a row without blinking and leaving the directors of the Premier League on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Does that make me a better manager than Wenger or Ferguson? No. But I also don’t think it makes me a worse manager than them.”

“Perhaps I won too soon. I felt, at times, that I was the victim of my own success, that the victories in championships and cups have a special meaning in my career, but perhaps came too early.

“People tend to look at Chelsea as a rich club, thinking the owner’s money can buy this world and another, if need be. That could be turned against Chelsea on the pitch, as a powerful weapon from outside the club. Because nobody knows the conditions in which we had to build our victories, because they happened against all expectations and the wisest commandments in football.”

Somebody get the violins out for the greatest manager that has ever lived. It’s amazing that he’s not been hired since he left Chelsea, what are the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal doing by persisting with their current managers when Jose is on the market?

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