‘Jose left Chelsea in a right state’ claims Avram

Perhaps we should praise the Blues whether they manage to wrest the Premier League title from Manchester United or not. After all, they’ve hardly spent any money in the past few seasons, built the team in a nice progressive manner and accepted refereeing decisions like the gentlemen that they are. Sorry, COS’s mistake, we were talking about Everton.

But on to Chelsea and what’s this? A blame culture developing in the mind of manager Avram Grant? He’d have us belief that whem he took the reigns at Stamford Bridge in September, his team were languishing in the relegation zone. When in fact they were level on points with the Red Devils – does he not realise that we have access to historical results? The Times reports on a man feeling the pressure.

“Realistically, we did not have a chance from Day 1 I was here, as there was always a team above us with more points than Chelsea,” he said. “When I received the team, I don’t think anyone, including the Prime Minister of England, could see us in the position we’re in now. We came from nowhere to fight for the championship and I think we’ve done a great job until now.”

If Everton or Aston Villa were second in the Premier League right now, the above comments from their respective managers would be understandable. Coming from Grant, they just sound a bit pathetic. Why doesn’t the guy (who is far more likeable that Mourinho) just admit that his team have tried their hardest and come up short? Only one team can win the league after all.

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