Liverpool chief exec continues to rise above pathetic calls for resignation

Tom Hicks speaks about the disappointment at the fact that he and his family can’t set foot in Liverpool at the moment, for fear of being attacked. Indeed, while nobody sane would condone this, the Reds co-owner is doing himself no favours whatsoever with his repeated attacks on Anfield chief executive Rick Parry. Why not at least wait until the end of the season? Is the man on drugs?

The Guardian report that Parry is remaining level-headed when it must be very difficult for him to keep shtum. Last August, he must never have envisaged that his name would be dragged through the mud like this and it must be especially galling that calls for his head come from a man who seemingly has little interest in the history of Liverpool FC.

“It’s for the board to ask me to resign and they haven’t,” Parry said in response to an interview in which Hicks repeated his calls for Parry to quit. “I’m accountable to the board and this is not something the board has discussed with me.

“I have a duty at the moment to try to keep things on an even keel when there’s turmoil off the pitch. I just want to do my best for the club. I’m focusing on the day to day. We have a Champions League semi-final coming up. There are a lot of important things to be done at the club and that’s the focus.”

Parry also expressed his disappointment at the public way in which Hicks had commented on the club’s difficulties, adding: “There’s a Liverpool way, which I think I understand and will stick to, and there is clearly a different way.”

Good for him. Let’s hope he outstays Hicks and his big mouth. The tide turned against the Liverpool co-owners a long time ago as far as the fans are concerned and now they are digging themselves deeper and deeper into a pit of hatred.

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