Liverpool fan group slate the madman that is Tom Hicks

We’ve all watched James Bond films where the bad guy (Blofeld and Goldfinger spring to mind) is trying to take over the world and becomes slightly unhinged in doing so. Sadly, Liverpool fans seem to have a real-life person seemingly doing the same thing at Anfield in the form of Tom Hicks, who has chosen the most inopportune moments to get shot of chief executive Rick Parry, whom he clearly perceives to be a threat to his shareholding.

Here at Caught Offside, we are all about letting the fans have they say and Sporting Life reports that the Spirit of Shankly Group have had their say in no uncertain terms. The quote below gives you an idea of the hostility that is developing towards the Reds co-owner, who might never set foot in Anfield again.

“We have a European Cup semi-final coming up in a few days time and this is a terrible time to do what he has done. He thinks he can rattle out this sort of stuff and leave everyone to get on with it, rather than be silent and stay in the background over the next four or five weeks.

“He had one big go in the week between the Arsenal semi-final and the Hillsborough memorial service. There were huge numbers of supporters grieving for loved ones. It was a time to be respectful and understand what this football club is all about.

“But Mr Hicks seems to have no respect for anyone. He didn’t say anything on the day of the service, but straight afterwards he is up and running again. Tom Hicks has got no respect for football or this club. The man cannot be trusted at all. He said there would be no debt on the club, but that is not what has happened.”

Strong words indeed, while Rick Parry has also described Hicks’ comments as a ‘sideshow’. Is it a matter of when not if that Dubai International Capital come to the rescue and save the club from this megalomaniac?

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