Now Liverpool co-owner calls Parry ‘a disaster’

Looks like the power struggle between George Gillett and Tom Hicks might only just have started. The pair might have been a partnership when they acquired the major shareholding in Liverpool FC but they now seem poles apart.

The Daily Mail reports that Tom Hicks has fired off his latest verbal volley, accusing Gillett of wanting rid of Rafael Benitez, although continuing his attack on Rick Parry, branding the Anfield chief executive as a disaster. Where will it all end for the club?

“Look at what’s happened under Rick’s leadership. It has been a disaster,” claimed Hicks. “We have fallen so far behind the other leading clubs.

“We should have the stadium built three or four years ago. We have two or three major sponsors when we should have 12 or 15.

“We are not doing anything in Asia, the way that Manchester United and Barcelona are, and we have a tremendous number of fans in Asia. We have still got the top brand in the world of football but that’s no good if you don’t know how to commercialise it.

“Rick needs to resign from Liverpool FC. He has put his heart into it but it is time for a change. You have to be able to work with the manager and Rick has proved he can’t do that. At the first meeting we had with Rafa he talked of the number of players he had missed out on because he (Parry) was too slow. Too many times nothing happens.”

On the infamous meeting in New York last year about Klinsmann becoming manager which undermined Benitez, Hicks added: “George became good friends with him (Klinsmann) a year ago. I get this call from George out of the blue in which he says ‘have your people do their research on Klinsmann’. He and Rick set up the meeting in New York. I did go to the meeting along with my son Tom.

“Rick Parry had already met with Jurgen alone for a couple of hours when we arrived. We all then spoke to him for another four hours. Afterwards I told the truth to a reporter who asked the question and suddenly it is ‘Tom Hicks tried to get Jurgen Klinsmann’. George initiated it but we all participated.”

Are the co-owners as bad as each other or doth Hicks protest too much? One thing’s for sure, is going public about his concerns regarding Parry the best way to oust him at Anfield? After all, he needs the support of his fellow board members, not the general public (who wouldn’t give it to him anyway).

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