Arsenal captain sings to team-mates that he wants them to stay

William Gallas has had an interesting season at Arsenal. Some great defensive performances, a few key goals, throw in a temper tantrum and some team-mate criticism and you have a pretty heady mix! However, The Sun reports that the Arsenal captain has rewritten East 17’s classic number one hit ‘Stay Another Day’ in a bid to keep the nucleus of the Gunners’ squad together for next season.

Cesc, if you’ve got to go away
I don’t think
I can take the pain
Won’t you stay another day
Hleb, don’t be a total ass
Don’t say you’ve made the final pass
Won’t you stay another day

After finishing this sweet rendition, he also had the following to say:

“We want all the players to stay.

“It would be good if we can keep this group together as we know each other very well and we know what we can do.

“We came very close to winning something this year but you get nothing for being close.”

Rumours that Arsene Wenger will also be performing Bryan Ferry’s ‘Let’s Stick Together’ are as yet unfounded.

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