Is Chelsea owner getting bored of football ownership?

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The problem with being a billionaire’s plaything, is that even his favourite toy is going to bore him after a while. So claim the Telegraph who say that Roman Abramovich – conspicuous in his absence in ten recent Chelsea games – is starting to develop a taste for expensive art and has splurged over £60 million on paintings by Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon whilst poor overlooked Chelsea are having to make do with last years models up front in Droggers and Sheva and are no doubt running out of gold leaf bog roll too.

Chelsea’s football, to continue the toilet theme, has been just as constipated under Avram Grant as it was under the Special One. Even if Chelsea to manage to curl a Champions League turd out, is Abramovich bored of the whole CFC lark? His hand is hovering perilously close to the flush, all of which means Chelsea could be a “normal” club soon, having to slum it with everyone else…

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