Newcastle, Aston Villa, and West Ham all sniff around future England star…

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On the subject of Reading there are two things that pretty much everyone is in agreement on:

1) They have had the mother of all craptastic seasons with a strikeforce as mobile and likely to score as the lovechild of Douglas Bader and a stuffed gnu.
2) Nicky Shorey is their best player by a country mile.

Armed with these two nuggets of information, Newcastle, Aston Villa, and West Ham are all thinking about making a move for young left-back Shorey. Reading’s Chief Exec Nigel Howe said:

“Nicky has made it clear for a long time that he hasn’t been too happy at the club.

“Well, let’s hope that somebody comes in with a good offer.” (Telegraph)

Out of these three options which should Shorey opt for? Well, if he wants to play in a scandalously porous defence he should hotfoot it to Newcastle and if he wants to get injured then West Ham is the place to go…Villa it is then!

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