Did Chelsea captain really spit at Manchester United striker?

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For the minority of people who actually feel a degree of sympathy for John Terry after hitting the post with his penalty on Wednesday night, perhaps this footage might sway things a little. It appears that the Chelsea captain, who’s been described as a man’s man (whatever that means), decides to get up close and personal with Carlos Tevez. Yet again, this colossus of a man truly does lead by example!

The Daily Telegraph report that while Terry denies that he spat at the Argentine, there could be trouble ahead for the defender with UEFA investigating the matter. It had all kicked off when Tevez kicked the ball out of play rather than knock it back to Petr Cech, and culminated in Drogba slapping Vidic and getting himself sent off.

Terry said: “There was some pushing and shoving, I admit that.

“But no spitting, that is not my style. No way would I spit at another player.”

TV pictures appear to show Terry raising his arm and spit in the direction of Tevez, but Chelsea are demanding proof from Tevez in a bid to clear his name.

UEFA spokesman William Gaillard said: “The procedure is that we must wait for the report from the referee and UEFA delegates.

“If the referee says he saw the incident and that the player did not spit, then that will be the end of the matter.

“But if he says he did not see the incident, then we will go back to the video images.”

It’s truly hard to judge whether Terry did indeed spit at Tevez, although once again the former England captain has landed himself in a spot of bother. Yes, he may be a decent player but he’s also something of a bully and a thug, especially when a situation calls for calm heads.

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