Arsenal linked to three more transfer targets, and still no big names in sight

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A few days ago, Arsenal’s aging and increasingly useless midfielder Gilberto Silva said something along the lines of “Wah wah wah we need more players”.

Well, as it says in the Bible – “Moan and ye shall receive.”

This morning Arsenal are now linked to a flurry of new targets St Etienne duo Mouhamadou Dabo and Blaise Matuidi and Stuttgart striker Mario Gomez. Dabo shares a name with that awful player who signed for Birmingham or Wigan or something recently, while I can’t claim to have seen Matuidi or Gomez on the recent FIFA World Player of the Year shortlist although Gomez has been a big player in Germany for a few seasons now. But the much-desired “big names” they are not.

So if unsubstantiated gossip is anything to go by, Wenger is going to remain too stubborn to pay top dollar for big stars and instead go the route of that mid-range area of Eduardo, Nasri, Hleb, Rosickey etc where they are just about well known enough for fans to have seen them on FM or something.

Wenger does us all a favour by unearthing talents that no one has heard of, or bringing less-than-big names over for us to enjoy – its far more satisfying than just splurging. However even though the Gooners are constantly moaning about needing some big names, it’s becoming increasingly clear that they just need to accept that this is the way Wenger is going to spend his dosh.

Or, maybe its all a smokescreen and David Villa will walk into the Emirates tomorrow for a cool 30 mill…

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