‘English rain is a pain’ claims Manchester United ace – will it swing the balance in Real’s favour

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The weather is a funny one. Some people are affected greatly by outdoor conditions, while others grin and bear it, come rain or shine. Manchester people are mainly the latter – they have to be with all the downpours that seem to affect that part of England. There doesn’t appear to be much ‘soonshiiiiine’ in the city either, as Liam Gallagher might phrase it, with the Sunday Mirror reporting that Cristiano Ronaldo has cited this as a reason why he’d be happy to leave England’s green and pleasant land.

But he said: “The club is fantastic, but for me Manchester is not the best place to live. I prefer to live in the sunshine, so I would say Portugal is a better place for me.

But I see England as my second home. I’ve been here five years and I am happy to be with a great club like United.”

No doubt Real Madrid will have taken note of these latest comments and sent over some Madrid brochures to the Portuguese forward, showing a city bathed in sunshine and beautiful women sipping cocktails. While still maintaining their ‘exquisite behaviour’ of course. Can the weather really have that much of a bearing on the future of Ronaldo – our money is on him staying for one more season.

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